Precision Stampings Europa

Precision Stampings Europa is the European marketing and technical support office of Precision Stampings India: 

Precision Stampings located in Faridabad (close to Delhi) is the largest and oldest manufacturer and exporter of electrical stampings and laminations in India (est. 1971, four manufacturing units). We are a major supplier to the key players on the market:

  • stator stacks
  • die-cast rotors
  • loose laminations

Our customers are renowned producers of pumps, LT motors, alternators, HT/traction motors, etc. mainly located in Germany or its neighbouring countries and mostly operating on a global basis.

We are having daily shipments of our products from India to Europe.

IEC range

Precision Stampings has its own tools for the standard IEC geometries of frame sizes 63 up to 450.

We are ready to supply samples without additional tool costs anytime.

special geometries

In addition, we offer special geometries of diametres 80mm up to 1.200mm.

Precision Stampings has its own tool shop.

Aluminium and
Copper die-casting

In addition to Aluminum or Silumin die-cast rotors, we offer Copper die-cast rotors.

our tools

  • large series from progressive tools
  • medium-sized series from gang tools
  • small series from single-notching tools
  • prototypes by laser-cutting (upon request)